Vendor Letter

WELCOME to The "BIG" Civic Center Bazaar 

Date of Bazaar:    


Location:    710 East Garfield Street  (Laramie Plains Civic Center),Laramie, Wyoming 82070 

Contact:  Charles Johnson at 307-760-4662 or


Set Up Time:   Doors will open at 5 am. on Saturday  for setup.  

If you want to set up on Friday everything will be open to set in at 5 pm.  (Placement maps will also be sent to you)

Booth Location: Your booth/table will have your name on it along with a number.  We will have a print off of your location.  (Please do not switch numbers and tables around.) We have you set in accordingly. 

Your Booth, Tables, and Electrical:  We have set you in according to your application and what best fits you and the facility. For those who selected no table, we will not have any extra tables to provide - so plan accordingly. 

This goes for electrical as well, if you selected no electrical, we put you in areas where the facility has none.  (Please bring your own electrical cords with you if you selected to have electrical as these cannot be provided for you.) 

Unloading and Setting Up:  When you are done setting up on Saturday morning please move your vehicles away from the building parking.  We suggest you park a block or two away to allow guests and customers an easy way to access and visit us.  Please try to be done with your setup by 8:30 am.

Transactions & Sales Tax: Each vendor will handle their own transactions. You are required to collect 6% sales tax. We will have forms available for you located at the prize table.

Security:  We will have people watching the facility all day on Friday and Saturday. 

Insurance:  It's always a good idea to carry vendor insurance, however it is not required. 

Door Prizes:  You are required to submit a door prize with a $15.00 value.  Please have your door prize dropped off at the prize table located in the north breezeway by 8:30 am.  Have your booth number, name, and business name attached to it. (We will not hunt you down for this as we won't have time.) 

Wifi:  There is NO WIFI, this is an old building.  Be sure to have a hotspot if you need access to the internet.


Coffee: There is a coffee shop located in the facility in the south entry way for all you who need an early morning pick-me-up. 

Food:  We will have a couple food trucks/carts for easy access on the south side, both inside and outside, if you get hungry throughout the day. 

The Event:  This is your show as much as it is the next vendor.  Please share the bazaar with friends and family, and on social networking. The more we spread the word the better the event is for everyone. 

Ethics:  Please be polite and to all.  We encourage you to mingle, make new friends and network. 

Tear Down:  Please do not tear down before the event ends at 5 pm.  No one wants to look over and see others cleaning up and taking down early.  There will be a $40 fee assessment for early teardown.  Clean and tidy your area before leaving.  

Other Events:  Winter Bazaar...  If you are interested in this, please let me know.  It always fills up fast. 

Other:  I cannot be everywhere at once.  If you need to contact me, call my cell Charles 307-760-4662 or Rebekah at 970-988-9767.   

Let’s make this the best Bazaar around!  

We look forward to hosting you and your business!